Northern New Mexico is warm June-August (80s to low 90s) and progressively cooler in September (70s - 80s) and October (60s - 70s).

We will be outside often, sometimes in the middle of the day. Regardless of temperature the sun will be intense because we are at an altitude of 6000 ft (2000 meters).

Please bring whatever clothing you need to be comfortable outdoors in the sun: hats, long sleeve lightweight shirts, layers, etc. and a high SPF sunscreen that works for you. Some people have brought "parasols" for the sun in the summer, something learned from Asian peoples.

In the evenings, whether June or October, it will cool off (60s in June; 40s - 50s in October). Again, think layers.

Rain gear

There is always a chance of thundershowers in New Mexico. Be sure to bring rain gear. In June-August it also likely there will be mosquitoes that will be happy to see you! Bring whatever insect repellent works for you.


A pair of sandals for warmer weather and a good pair of walking/hiking shoes. There will be places where you will need to have on closed shoes because of the cacti.

A small back-pack

in which you can carry your journal, water, sunscreen, and whatever other supplies you might want with you.

Rafting clothing

In June we may spend the better portion of one day rafting on a local river. You will get wet. Bring your bathing suit and clothing that dries quickly. Cottons tend to stay wet and cold. On the river you will want sandals...but not flip flops...something that will stay on your feet. If you have diving "booties" these will work well. Or you can always default to tennis shoes that you don't mind getting wet. The "no shoes option" will not be allowed. Your raingear may also come in handy depending on the weather.

Informal dress

will be the norm in our environs and in our circle. Please be comfortable. On the other hand if you want to dress up just because you feel like it...that will be welcome as bring what you like to wear and feel good in.

Water bottle

Because of the altitude it is a good idea to drink lots of is easy to get dehydrated. Please bring a water bottle your can refill. We have stopped providing plastic water bottles because of environmental and recycling factors.

Altitude "sickness"

Staying hydrated helps a lot with this. In addition, we understand that taking CQ-10 for one week before arriving and then through your time here is helpful. If anyone else has other suggestions please send them along.

Camping equipment

If you plan to camp on the land, and have not made other arrangements with us, you will need to bring your tent, pad, sleeping gear. We supply shampoo and soap. If you have special needs, please bring your own. If you camp on our land you will have shower and cooking facilities that are fully equipped. See camping on the Ojo for more information.

Journal/writing materials

Please bring a journal and pen(s)/pencil(s). You may also wish to bring any art supplies that you like to have with you, particularly when you are a part of your "reflection toolkit".


Please bring objects, symbols, books, poems, music, video, pictures of places and people (including from your business) that are important to you. There will be opportunities to share these and also to make use of them in creating different spaces for our work together.

Musical instruments

Especially if you are driving and have a drum(s), flute, guitar, rattle, that you play or any instrument that others might enjoy playing with… percussion instruments are great ...please bring them along. If there is anything else you would like to share with others at the gathering...please feel free to bring this as well.

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