Meet the challenges in your life with clarity and confidence. Step into your inner leadership. Trust your own knowing.

Walkabouts with Glenna are a unique, guided process that enables you to 'stop the action' of your busy life, breathe and connect with the leader within you that knows what you most need NOW for balance, vitality and direction.

The walkabouts are a synthesis of Glenna's internationally recognized work with Dialogue, her deep connection with the natural world and the earth wisdom traditions, and a lifetime of guiding individuals and groups in support of creating the outcomes they want for themselves and the world.

  • Learn practices from time-honored traditions to access inner stillness and clarity in the midst of your fast moving days.

  • Take home practical tools that give you a systemic and balanced way to gain perspective on any question or situation.

  • Discover how the natural world awakens and expands your inner knowing. Each place we visit is a tuning fork, carefully chosen to strike a distinct note and open a unique lens of insight and focus.

Choose a design that works for your needs.

  • Come with other individuals to a Group Walkabout and have time for yourself alone and with a group to expand your insights.
  • Create a customized Personal Walkabout.
  • Bring an intact team, a group of friends and/or colleagues, or your family, to a Customized Group Walkabout and I'll create a specially designed experience for individual and collective insight, inspiration and action. .

View/Download: Place and Leadership: Lessons from 2005-2009 Walkabouts (PDF)

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