"Feeling drained and overwhelmed by my job and life, the walkabout allowed me to re-charge and get connected with my personal and professional energy again. At first I was hesitant about what I would gain, but gave it try. A life changing experience and as important as any professional development I've ever undertaken. A combination of physical challenge and mental relaxation... unforgettable. I highly recommend!"

• Maureen Doran-Mineo, MBA, MS, VP Business Development, NY Healthcare System

"I entered my first walkabout with a question about the nature of collective wisdom - what is it? How does it operate? I was familiar with Scharmer's U Theory of presencing, crystalizing intent and aligning action. I wanted an experience that could invite and allow me to explore and embody these phenomena in a way that deepened my understanding supported their integration in my work in the world. The walkabout provided that experience... and continues to do so through the tele-circles and other opportunities that keep emerging through this alive, unfolding, intelligent field."

• Becky Winslow

"Never have I been in a session where I was given time to really think... sit and think... walk and think... smell the fire and think... listen to the river and think. This was truly a one of a kind... chance in a lifetime learning event. I am grateful for Glenna Gerard's wisdom and capacity to create this container of spirit filled learning and sharing."

• N. Moss, DTE

"What Glenna created was the environment where the aspirations and quests of strong and distinct individuals became clearer as one's sense of self sharpened. I connected to my strengths and my challenges and learned, as never before, that heart-driven well-guided groups are a terrifically important frontier in the equation of fostering presence and tending to the core issues facing us and our many cultures."

• Robert Corman

"Getting into touch with one's deeply rooted truth is what a walkabout with Glenna initiates. The open land under the umbrella of the universe leads us to knowing where we come from and where we belong. Once this has happened, the beautiful process of experiencing oneself can start. Glenna's walkabout left me in awe and was a life changing experience.

"As a business person, I'm still a human being first. Any kind of role I play in this world cannot be disconnected from being human, with human needs, desires, and stresses. The walkabout offers a wonderful and memorable opportunity of personal and professional growth and mindful behavior."

• J.Malzacher, PhD, Managing Director/Senior Coach

"The Presence Walkabout was a quietly powerful experience for me. Everyday gave me new gifts of insight and furthered my journey within. The Ojo land was a perfect 'home base', with cottonwood trees offering steady protection while the river offers change and an opportunity to get in the flow. Glenna is amazing, connecting with us as a participant and guiding us as a leader. I highly recommend this experience."

• Katie Courtaway

"My experience on the Presence Walkabout was one of grounding and coming back to balance. Life's everyday work, activity and general "busy-ness" has a way of consuming us to the point where we forget who we are and what we are all here to do. The walkabout with Glenna allowed me the space and time to get back to centre for myself. This is a "whole being" experience and allows you to focus that were holding me back and brought things to me that opened me up again. I am very thankful for this experience and I will be going back to the land and walking it with Glenna as a way to help me stay true to myself."

• Natalie Leamann

"What has really left an impression are two concepts... the unfolding of Purpose and the sense of one's Place. This has deeper levels of meaning for me than what the words may imply. The walkabout fosters this important aspect of recognizing a need to be in relationship to the Earth and the land. This form of relationship building.... consciously engaged... seems to me to be connected to a new way of knowing unlike what we have been living since the age of reason."

• Lorna Dwyer

"It nearly is impossible to write about my walkabout, because it is not something to be explained. By its very structure and essence, it is experiential at the sensory, imaginal, spiritual and conceptual levels. There was a particular day in which I stomped up and down a canyon looking for my perfect spot to pitch a tent, only to return 10 hours later to where I had started. With much self judgement, and then breaking into peals of laughter, I realized that the canyon had been a mirror to me of one aspect of how I live my life searching for an imagined perfection while missing the present moment with all of its ready wholeness. If someone else had told me this about me - and a few have tried - I would have discounted it with explanations of the rightness of my way of living. But, what arguments are to be had when the mirror is held in this kind of an irrefutable way?

"In the many intervening days since my walkabout with Glenna, other experiences have come back to feed me and teach me. It's not that I remember to do this or do that differently, or that I can enumerate the 5 spiritual laws or the 9 habits of whatever. It's that my linear life, lived in a high performing professional and globalized culture, is now informed by a deep reality of the essence of things, and of the essence of my life. I know another parallel reality that is present within me, one which brings me great gratitude, honesty, courage, and laughter for this great gift of life, this great gift of walking about the earth on my two legs and this voice to sing its praises."

• Leng Lim

"It was like no other retreat, training or workshop I have done. I came with little expectation and I was very surprised, and pleased, with the quality of relationship that was borne out of our shared commitment to show up. The places in nature were very special and contributed to the field we created which I can only describe as spiritual intimacy. It felt like a true circle of the heart. Thank you, Glenna, for your skill in creating a safe, sacred container and in weaving our circle, and thank you for your wonderful heart that was always present and very much open. I know this allowed us to listen in another way, with the ears of our own hearts, to the other voices of our selves speaking. What a remarkable group of people you attracted!"

• Ken Robinson

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