What is a typical day in a walkabout like?
How does dialogue support the work of the walkabouts?
Do we have time off during the walkabout?
What is the level of physical challenge of the walking we do?
What is the typical weather for the walkabouts?
What if it rains?
What do I need to bring?
What are the lodging options?
Where can I dine in the area?

1. What is a typical day in a walkabout like?

Each day of a walkabout begins with coming together as a group or with me individually. There may be a short activity to prepare for the day. Then we visit a specially selected place.

Once we arrive at a place, I will give you suggestions for ways to get the most out of being in this location, which you can adapt for your personal use. Most days, lunch will be provided and we will either eat together or you will take your own lunch with you on your walk.

Along with your individual time, we come together two to three times a day. I may provide you with information on practices and frameworks we are using and/or instructions for an activity. Or we may sit in dialogue and tap the group as a resource to deepen your individual experiences and insights. If you are on an Personal Walkabout I will check-in with you to sense into what is needed next to support your walkabout in the best way.

Most evenings there will be no structured activity, in order to give you additional time for yourself. It is important during the walkabout to have the space to reconnect with your own rhythms.

We may have a fire circle and storytelling one evening. The last evening we generally have dinner together, either at our home base or at a local restaurant.

Themes we may explore during the walkabout include: The power of intention; personal presence; silence, stillness and reflection; paradox and perspective; authentic leadership; expansiveness and discovery; integrating complexity; bridging the walkabout experience with daily life, and more. What we touch on and dive deeper into depends on your needs and/or those of the group.

If you would like more detailed information on a given scheduled walkabout or would like to talk with me about designing a Personal Walkabout or Customized Group Walkabout please Contact Me.

2. How does dialogue support the work of the walkabouts?

The degree to which dialogue is integrated into and support a walkabout depends on the individuals and/or group and the intention(s) they bring to the walkabout.

In walkabouts designed for individuals who come with different intentions, dialogue enters primarily as a way for people to share stories and experiences. The sharing, listening and inquiry support deepening of individual experience and insight. At times a group of individuals will want to tap the collective seeing and more dialogue can be integrated.

In walkabouts where a group or team has come with a shared focus or inquiry, dialogue plays a more prominent role. It is essential to weaving the insights of individuals to see the whole of the inquiry and the system more clearly. It is also a way for the group to test perceptions and tap collective intelligence to discern wise choices and necessary action.

3. Do we have time off during the walkabout?

You will have a lot of time with yourself during the days as you are walking in different places. And many of the evenings will be 'free time'. It is important, however, to not plan to work, or to catch up on things in your day-to-day life, because it will disrupt the flow and depth of your walkabout experience.

4. What is the level of physical challenge of the walking we do?

All the places we go have been selected so that you can always choose your level of physical exertion. There is easy walking. For those who want to climb a hill or challenge themselves a bit more, that is possible as well.

If you have any specific concerns please be sure and bring them up when we speak, as part of the registration process.

5. What is the typical weather for the walkabouts?

June - August: Highs in the 80s-90s; Lows in the 50s-60s. Afternoon thundershowers add beauty to the afternoons in July and August.

September - October: Highs 60s-80s; Lows 40s-60s, with cooler temperatures in October.

6. What if it rains?

It usually does not rain for long in NM. In the summer there can be afternoon thundershowers, which help create the magnificent NM sky. We will tailor our time accordingly. However, we do not normally cancel an activity unless there is severe weather. So, you'll want to bring rain gear with you. See more in "What to Bring".

7. What do I need to bring?

Once you register, please read fully what to bring.

8. What are the lodging options?

There are multiple options for lodging.

1) You can tent camp on our land, which is our home base for the walkabouts. Many people choose to do this in order to be "close to the land" and because they enjoy the experience. We have 6 beautiful camping sites. You will have an array of camping amenities and will need to bring your own tent and sleeping pad, bag, etc. The fee for camping is $20/night. If you are sharing a tent site there is an additional $10/night/person. See more details about Camping.

2) The Ojo Cabin is an option offering more comfort than camping. For full details on the cabin option please visit The Ojo Cabin website.

3) Some participants prefer a local hotel or the Ojo Caliente Spa. Also, renting a casita or house may be a good alternative, depending on your needs. Please check out Lodging Info to look at the many options in our area. We add places as we find out about them.

NOTE: When exploring places to stay it is a good idea to ask "how far are you from the Ojo Caliente Mineral Spa?" Our home base is 10 miles south of the Spa on Hwy 285. This will give you a landmark and help you to calculate the length of your drive to and from the land where we meet most days.
9. Where can I dine in the area?

Check out more about dining.


If you still have questions about any of the above information, don't hesitate to Contact Me.

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