My work is my life is my art is my play.

about glenna I am a gifted leader, facilitator, and experiential designer and guide, with 25+ years of working in diverse contexts.

My highest purpose is to foster an awareness of wholeness within systems.

I create opportunities for people to connect with and see clearly the whole of who they are in any moment, both as individuals and organizations. The goal - to make wise choices and take clear and necessary action.

It is easy to see how the whole of my life has been about learning to do this work in ways that make a difference. Born in the Western United States, before the age of 13, I lived in a foreign country, learned another language, and discovered first-hand how culture can both enrich our lives and separate us. In high school I sketched a design for the world's first fusion reactor and envisioned myself doing research on how the brain works.

I graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Chemical Engineering. My continuing hunger for learning led me into many eclectic arenas. Today I integrate many teachings into my work, including psychology, meditation, dance, yoga, music, poetry, photography, and more.

Professionally, I’ve developed and written science materials, been a salesperson, a business manager, independent consultant, writer, master facilitator, learning designer, and coach.

In the 1990s I pioneered the development of Dialogue, a form of conversation that builds collective awareness and trust-based relationships. I co-authored Dialogue: Rediscover the transforming power of conversation, published by John Wiley & Sons in 1998, and translated into German, Portuguese and Chinese.

I get energized helping people tap their individual and collective intelligence to create the outcomes they desire. To do this, in 2005 I created the first walkabout. Today, the walkabouts have evolved into a rich technology of reflective skills and practices. A way of partnering with natural landscapes to build individual and collective capacity for inner stillness, self-awareness, and the wisdom to take clear and necessary action.

Since 2006, my partner, Dave, and I have been stewarding 116 acres of land in Northern New Mexico, restoring riparian habitat and co-creating a rich and wonderful place for renewal, personal inquiry, retreat and simple relaxation. This is the home base for the walkabouts.

I believe all people, including me, want to be happy, free of fear and live their life in alignment with what matters most to them. I hold an intention that each day I contribute in some way to diminishing fear and violence and helping others live with vitality, passion and purpose.

Albert Einstein once wrote:

"There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle."

Me, I prefer the latter.

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